Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Invitation

The dew-drenched dawn ignites the lawn
In dazzling invitation
The charcoal crypt of night has slipped
To our imagination

Now feathered choir and blossomed spire
In blameless exaltation
Urge us to come and join the song
Of morning celebration

Past falls away, we do not stay
To till again its garden
But hope’s embrace in dew-drenched grace
Extends its gentle pardon

So you and I should fully try
Not to squander its hours
Yet, we should sit a little bit
And listen to the flowers

For soon their bloom will fill the tomb
Where summer’s solstice lingers
We cannot feel Time’s ether reel
Slipping through our fingers

© Janet Martin

Victoria was reading this as I wrote and she offered her bit of advice;
‘But if ya’ stop to smell the roses do it quick or a bumble-bee’s liable to nail ya’
Quoted from Si; Duck Dynasty

Happy First Day of Summer, y'all!


  1. Lovely pics and poem too:)hope you're enjoying these days..

  2. perfect weather and lots to do! yes I am:)


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