Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Farewell, Sweet May

She gathers up her luscious loom
Her floral brush and blossomed broom
While laughing zephyrs from the south
Inhale the lilacs in her mouth
The yellow dandelion hill
Exhales its froth of silver swill
The scepter of soft azure noon
Passes into the clasp of June

She smiles and while we drink her charm
She gathers in each outstretched arm
The blossoms from the cherry tree
The tulip’s lilting melody
And as our smiles are teased and kissed
She mingles with the purple mist
Where wild phlox line the ditch and dune
May slips into the garb of June

There is no dirge for her demise
For who can weep beneath June’s skies
And who can keep love’s tender grief
Where earth expands its emerald sheaf
Against the backdrop of farewell
We hear June’s leaf-song anthem swell
As summer-hearts embrace the tune
Of May’s departure greeting June

We cannot trace the path she treads
Or keep the petals that she sheds
But we can dance a little while
Beneath the sunshine of her smile
And we can cling to spring's fair hope
That somewhere on Time's season-slope
She waits until that hour when
Sweet May will pass this way again

© Janet Martin

 Today I had a moment to mourn the departure of May...


  1. This I adore and must share with my girls. Poetry as poetry should ! Amazing write - a painting in words.

  2. Margaret, thank-you so much! I love May and I could not let her go without a few words;)

  3. Well, they are outstandingly beautiful words!

  4. A lovely poem, Janet.


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