Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Summer Vacation to all Teachers and Students

It seems that we have come upon an island in the sea
Two months of sweet vacation-time already; can it be?
The gangplank lowers to the cries of farewell and ahoy
For it’s summer-vacation time for every girl and boy

Was it not just a mile ago that we embarked upon
A voyage charted, page by page to gossamer unknown?
Where autumn lit its match and leaf-song faded to the earth
The limb has been refurbished with summer’s green-gilded mirth

Beneath the watchful eye of Captain, crew, deckhands and such
We see a generation rise beneath love's patient touch
The bashful dreamer dances now and leaps into the sky
The fearful fledgling spreads its wings, eager to soar and fly

The fathers and the mothers try to find the words to say
Thank-you to those who teach them who they want to be someday
But all that we can muster as we search for words to speak
Is ‘thank-you dearest teachers, for the things you do each week’

The halls that ring with shouts and greeting soon will bear the pall
Of footsteps faint and fleeting where a thousand echoes fall
And though we disembark; though miles may draw us far apart
We keep our precious memories forever in the heart

(last verse optional)
Was it not just a mile ago that we embarked upon
A voyage where each lesson was a little stepping-stone?
And now its seems that we have reached their darling destiny
All eyes are on the clock for soon its tick-tock sets them free

© Janet Martin


  1. I'm sending this one to my sister, a teacher.


  2. Thank-you Sue. I always find it hard to express myself when it comes to the teachers we have at our school for all they do (we have such a bunch of good ones), so I write. I just dropped off a card and freshly-baked cinnamon buns to say thank-you. The table was laden with treats from like-minded appreciative families:)That's how this school is, rural, simple and genuine.

    God bless Teachers.


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