Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thread of Hope

Don’t tell me you love me
as you thrust your fingertips
into wounds, raw and bleeding.

The verve of youth’s passion
has slipped down a corridor
through which I no longer seem to fit

and ideals huddle on opal-tinted hills
as flocks of paper-mache sheep,
Muse is the shepherd…

…too far from me, as I yearn
for pasture’s I cannot see
and a face in the mirror that cannot be

the echo of selfish words
hovers as an omen of doom
in a room heavy with silence

yet, in this pall of sorrow
I find a thread of hope
to strengthen me…

for we are never too old to learn
or to try again
or to whisper, ‘I’m sorry’.



  1. You did a great job with your challenge words :) It's fun to create when we make it in to some sort of game isn't it? Have a great day!

  2. Awww.... Never too late to say 'Sorry' but sometimes the hurt grows too deep to want to get beyond if it happens too many times.
    Wonderful, emotional prose. Great wordle!

  3. Ooh I really, really loved -
    "The verve of youth’s passion
    has slipped down a corridor
    through which I no longer seem to fit"
    Very nice writing!

  4. The words "I'm sorry " can sometimes lead to a new beginning and may overcome the silence. Nicely wordled!

  5. Oooh I felt this, wonderfully written!

  6. Janet, this is beautiful. Sometimes we hold onto selfishness with indignance...the letting go liberates. Your initial stanza is so intense, and the last two soften your reader. Well done. Thank you for joining us at the whirl.

  7. At last, you post your poet's heart. I've been waiting. So well done.

  8. Brenda, I so love this truth...'Sometimes we hold onto selfishness with indignance...the letting go liberates.' Wise words. Thank-you for your encouragement. It is a little frightening and daunting to mingle with the eloquent masses, but it is also tremendously encouraging!

    Thank-you Deborah.

    Mary, Do I hear the voice of experience?:)Your words are so true but not necessarily easy!

    Susannah, Thank-you so much.

    Yes, Daydreamertoo. It is important to forgive before the hurt turns to deep-rooted resentment.
    Thank-you for your words.

    Megan, thank-you so much for your kind words...and on another note... Did you sleep last night? just wondering:)) Now I want to read your post. As soon as I sat to the computer my daughter told me she needed it for home-work.Si I went outside to enjoy the glorious afternoon!

  9. Mike,
    Sometimes moments and thoughts climax and the result is raw, unedited poetry.:) Thank-you sincerely.

  10. Janet, wonderful from beginning to end. I love that image of the ideals huddled "on opal-tinted hills / as flocks of paper-mache sheep" - such a great image of the ideals of youth as seen through the lens of experience.


  11. Thank-you Richard,
    That is exactly what those sheep were intended to portray. I appreciate your visit and your words.

  12. So much sorrow, pain and regret in these lines, but a hopeful ending. Well done; great use of the wordle.

  13. Thank-you so much. It is wonderful to 'meet' so many beautiful poets through this medium!


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