Sunday, September 18, 2011

Autumn's Overture

The thickened breeze flows through the trees
Like rush of distant stream
The marigold, audacious, bold
Relinquishes her dream
In wistful tones the willow moans
And sheds her amber tears
As moments run beneath the sun
In fantasy and fears

The sumac fire and cricket choir
Collaborate to bring
A grand postlude to flowers subdued
With promises of spring
Magenta dusk and zephyr brusque
A dissonant duet
Add harmony in minor key
To blue-tinged silhouette

The poplar sighs ‘neath painted skies
The day grows deep and still
Dark fingers strum the fields of corn
And sweep the somber hill
A kaleidoscope of grief and hope
Fills earth’s great banquet hall
As summer dims in nature’s hymns
In overtures of fall

The fullness of fair summer’s love
Is strewn in silent field
Epitome of misery
And passions mirthful yield
The restless bliss of Autumn’s kiss
Haunts wood and shaded dell
A melody of reverie
In summer’s grand farewell

Janet Martin

Tonight while I was running this poem sort of wrote itself...
as something to give my mind rhythm and yet absorb the beauty around me.
the wind rushing through the poplars, sounding like a distant water-fall. the ever-present cricket song thinning, but still prevalent as the night fell in cool blue acapella.

In this quiet I run, reminisce, regret, review, resolve, renew and reach!


  1. Oh, now that's fun. What a great rhyming scheme. All this from a run? Maybe I do need to get back in shape.

  2. Mike, The intent, as I run, is to escape the taunt of words...but last night Beauty poured from heaven's lintel, and the rest , as they say is poetry;)


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