Thursday, September 8, 2011

Over Forty?

The top of the hill is beginning to tip
We hold on for dear life but our fingers slip
Though we put mind over matter my dear
It’s pure simple logic: it’s down-hill from here

When we turned thirty we thought it was rough
Years in a hurry, time, never enough
But each year our birthdays come sooner it seems
And all we have left of youth is our dreams

So kick up your slipper’s and dance for a bit
We’ve come too far now, to just simply quit
It's time to experience the hill’s other side
So hang on, my friend, and enjoy the ride

Janet Martin~


  1. That's fantastic!! Thanks Janet!
    I have to say... some days I feel over the hill, but for the most part I think this is a great stage of life to be in:)

  2. I needed this today, a little common sense and hope. I'll bookmark your poem to reread it on my big birthday :-)

  3. Let me know if it helped;)) We have two choices right? Just this evening I was thinking of how neither is super-appealing...and how I used to nod politely at the elderly who told me 'ya' gotta be tough to get old! It ain't for the faint of heart'..I call my self middle-age and think I need to be kinda tough!


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