Friday, September 30, 2011

Beauty Versus Brawn

She flings ‘cross the morning her bronze-dappled gaze

High-lighting dew fringes in a rich coral glaze

He surveys her ardor with a gleam in his eye

Shoving an army of clouds to the sky

Cobalt and silver and ten shades of gray

‘Take that, my fair lady, now what do you say?’

And she smiles nonchalantly, as with riveting hue

She out-lines in gold, those tumbled clouds of gray-blue

Autumn digs deeper, the duel is on

He, of all seasons, will not be out-done

As he brushes earth’s heaven and tousles the trees

Filling argent air with gold-leaf melodies

But summer spreads herself broadly across the blue vault

Drawing the ocean of billowed clouds to a halt

Then she turns the observant spectators gaze

To sunflower, zinnia and delphinium maze

Her sapphire canvas, a stunning backdrop

Enhances flower rainbows, as hurried feet stop

To marvel at the glory of summer-late bloom

Inhaling the sultry musk-laden perfume

As gardens relinquish in grand chivalry

Its remnants of summer in brilliant harmony

A collaboration of pink and orange, sorrow and hope

Of red, yellow, purple and green kaleidoscope

Her unabashed splendor is hard to ignore

He tugs at the sky’s edge; it begins to pour

Long fingers snuff her beguiling charm

He leans on her shoulder with bold, brawny arm

His moody demeanor and purposed intent

Dominates keenly a pivotal moment

Fair beauty, dark brawn, he touches her lips

She moves to respond… but the moment slips


'It's a funny day' comments the little guy I baby-sit,

as the sun slips behind gray curtains and it begins to rain.

'I think summer and autumn are having a tug-of-war again today', I replied...


  1. Your last line accurately sums up the year as it has been here!
    Thanks for your visit to my blog.

  2. Thank-you Viv,
    Suddenly, this morning the temps have taken a nose dive!

  3. Thank-you Kim, Yes there is color everywhere. So beautiful.


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