Friday, September 23, 2011


The rain plays a muted song tonight
Fingertips, gray, pummel out the light
As wind-tattered fragments of my day
Waver momentarily and then slip away

The silence is warm and easy with you
Thunder rolls, the lightning white-blue
Illuminates stark images, rigid and black
My finger-tips brush across your back

The night settles around us in a drawn-out sigh
Reaching the perimeters of the sky
Fingertips whisper, plead, implore
Waves gather somewhere on a forgotten shore

Janet Martin

When I saw this prompt after an all-day rain today,
I could not resist!


  1. I love the personification of the rain in the first stanza, followed up in the third with the same image, put now personal. It's always fun to close that circle.

  2. Anthony, I enjoyed writing it too.

    Mike, it is always richly satisfying
    when the circle closes and everything fits, right?


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