Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Essence of Life

Wring out each moment in your grip
Experience every drop of it
Savor its nectar on your tongue
It tarries not, for old or young
But pauses for a breath or two
Before it drifts into the blue

Relish its kiss upon your face
A soft caress from Hands of grace
Oh, do not blindly stumble past
The moment that is fading fast
For whether wrought by joy or strife
It is the essence of a life

Wee drops combine to shape the sea
Moments design eternity
Then handle well this gem you hold
And squander not this drop of gold
For it will not revert its glance
To offer us a second dance

How wise the sojourner of earth
Who values every moment’s worth
Instead of gazing longingly
At what once was or yet will be
But knows that living must begin
In whispered moments we are in

Janet Martin

This morning the alarm clock drew me from one of those rare dreams
that I really did not want to wake from...
but as it was fading these words remained 'wring out each moment fully
and savor its nectar on your tongue'...
WELL!!! When waking with words like this as my first comprehension of day
I simply could not let the thought go to waste!


  1. Wow Janet! That was a great message in your dream :) I love everything about this one ~ 'Wee drops combine to shape the sea' ~ so do our tiny moments combine to shape our life (which seemingly goes on forever, but we will eventually see a distant shore...) Thank you for these inspirational moments ...

  2. Megan, You almost tempt me to pen one more verse...but sometimes less is more...yes, someday our moments will reach their destiny on the shores of eternity! Thank-you so much for your ever-inspiring thoughts!

  3. Janet ~ I love that we inspire each other & I thank God for you! Have a blessed day :)

  4. Oh Megan...likewise:)

    Prayers are heaven-hugs(())

  5. I laughingly talk about my muse. Trying to trap a muse would be a waste of time, but there is something that strikes that spark, that places that opening line on your tongue so that it rolls off onto the paper. If there is no muse, it must be divine intervention. I'm always happy to go with that.

    This was divine.

  6. Mike, This really was the craziest wakening in a while. I could not recall much of the dream now if I tried, but very distinctly these words sprung from it! I will not ruin it by wondering if it is an omen:)), but it is always nice when the first line is placed kindly on our tongues without any effort whatsoever, huh? If it was divine, well, then we know most assuredly where all the glory goes!


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