Monday, September 12, 2011

When Night Is Deep...

When night is deep and long and low
And void of lisp or sigh
When silver, quivering moments flow
In rivers to the sky
When larkspur, rose and goldenrod
Have dimmed their vibrant hue
And all the earth is one with God
…I think of you

I trace the out-line of my sigh
Intricately designed
In moments filled with you and I
And whispers intertwined
And I cannot begin to tell
The first touch from the last
As mingled tears and laughter fell
Like dew upon the grass

An aching broods upon the mist
A clash of heart and will
Tugs at keen memories half-kissed
When night is slow and still
And curves around me, in a moan
With lips parted and blue
I lay my head upon a stone
…and think of you


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