Friday, September 9, 2011

Grand Still-life

To pause upon the brink of dawn
And see its languid tone
Begin to creep across the lawn
And silent cobblestone

Too see the heavy folds of night
Lift from earth’s frozen shore
As heaven’s fingers spread the light
Across its darkened floor

...and black-etched form of birch and pine
Drawn starkly ‘gainst the dusk
Begins to soften rigid lines
In shades of gold-chartreuse

To feel the hope of things to come
Awaken with the flower
As earth stirs ‘neath a painted dome
Aflame with holy power

To see the Hand that lights the dawn
In unframed works of art
Restores in me with quiet awe
A meek, contented heart

Janet Martin

I took this picture from my front porch this morning.
I realized that every 'frame' I shot was perfect.
How could they not be? Painted by the perfect Creator!


  1. That is beautiful, too I am seeing if this works I wasn;t sure if my last comment went,:)

  2. all you need is a blog to go with that profile, nudge, nudge;)

    It's just a matter of time, my dear sister before you will dare to share all your creativity just dying to be released!

  3. I was drawn to this post by your striking photo... God is the perfect artist :)

    Lucy, yes please do join in on the fun of blogging :)

  4. Thank-you Megan for your comment and for encouraging Lucy....p-s-s-s-t. See that quote in the top of my side-bar? It was not meant just for me;) wink.
    Lucy is a little like you...with a very keen eye to pull out frames of beauty from the ordinary!

  5. I am so touched by your encouragement! I,m not sure what i'm afraid of?I'll wait and see.... it certainly intriuges me I just feel daunted by it but if it,s meant to be I believe it,ll happen....and yes Janet ,I knew you put that quote there or a reason:)

  6. Lucy, no pressure...we're just having a little fun at your expense:) Above all we want to do only what the Lord wills...and as we pray about things He helps us figure it out.

    Enjoy this perfect September day!

  7. Again, Janet, you leave me speachless. The picture and the poem: a matched set.

  8. Mike,
    Your poem The Call was the first stirrings of this one. Thank-you

  9. Lucy, I felt exactly the same way in the beginning, sort of overwhelmed ~ but you do gradually figure things out...

    I really did just give it to God, and literally one day I woke up and knew it was the day to get my blog started!

    Taking the first step is the hardest part... the rest will fall in to place ~ just another way to see God working in and through your life :)


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