Friday, September 2, 2011

September's Cricket Song

Rolling from the gleaming hill
And from the hazy slope
Rising from the heavy field
A rippling kaleidoscope
From choirs hidden in the grass
A dedicated throng
Heralding the hours that pass
September’s cricket song

In winding lanes and weathered ditch
Their melody is stirred
And in the deep night solitude
Its chirping trill is heard
A serenade from dusk till dawn
And still the whole day long
Rising from the dew-pearled lawn
September’s cricket song

Its ceaseless cadence rises, falls
But never dies away
Yet still our eyes cannot behold
The stages where they play
They fill the sighing atmosphere
A tireless, hidden throng
To tell us summer’s end is near
…September’s cricket song


I heard them in the wee still of night,
as soon as I opened my eyes this morning,
while I was washing up lunch dishes,
and now, after supper.
I think I’ll grab a coffee and go out
Where I can have a front row seat!

May my praise be to You, oh God,
as tireless as September's cricket song!


  1. Hi Janet - this is lovely! It reminds me of a fall holiday we took in 2009 or so. On one gorgeous day in September we visited Savory Island off Powell River and the crickets were just like this -- background music for the day! (And I don't think I saw one.)

  2. Thank-you...I am listening to them as we 'speak':)

    It occurred to me that I also never see them, this tireless choir...and they inspired me.


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