Thursday, September 1, 2011

September's Eve

You seem to me a philanderer of hours…
Wasting away the azure of noon,
I cannot dissuade your seductive powers
As you toss to the heavens a pale new moon
Snuffing out moments one flower at a time
Vexing this summer heart of mine

Without permission you toss your dark robe
Of rich and velvet blue
Across the cusp of tempered globe
With memories and dew
Paint the vast midnight with tears of the rose
We are the spectators of summer’s close

Smooth fingers reaching to softly enfold
Ditches of cattail and brush
Bloom-laden fields of burnished gold
Fade out in this premature hush
As you steal an hour out of the day
Hastening, hastening summer away


When I returned from my run tonight I thought it must be later
than I am realizing it to be.
It was EARLIER!...only a little after 8:00 p.m. and almost dark!


  1. There is much to enjoy in this poem. I don't think I know anyone who loves summer more than you do--well, except for a few million kid.

  2.'s true, I am hopelessly in love...with summer. Partly its the angst of not really having the time, EVER, to fully drink it in so I do it with my heart and eyes while hands work. I mark my years my 'summer endings',. It is, in a sense, a new year. Maybe I'm still one of those million kids. Thank-you Mike...I've been reading but barely. My time is not my own right now.


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