Thursday, September 29, 2011


When maple tree, sedum, and apples turn red
We know darling summer is bowing her head
Farewell to the warm, green dust-fringed afternoon
As red steals the verdure of opulent June

Into mystic tresses languid summer slips
Beneath the caresses of autumn’s red lips
As passion and longing and imminence bleed
Across blazing tarmac of hopes falling seed

When ravishing sumac and mountain ash sashes
Line hilltop and highway in riveting splashes
When the whole world’s a-flame with scarlet and red
Then we know sweet summer is bowing her head

Janet Martin


  1. simply fantastic.

    glad to meet,

    invite you to join poets rally week 52 today.

    share a free verse, make 18 comments, make poetic friends, win official award and more.

    it is free and fun.

  2. Love this one Janet! My favorite verse is the last :) 'Mountain ash sashes' and 'riveting splashes' sound so beautiful together! Have you ever seen the painting, 'Flaming June?' It's a beautiful painting of a sleeping woman draped in orange ~ gorgeous. I thought of her as 'Summer'. Thank you for sharing this one :)

    Oh, and I saw your comment on 'Little Red Riding Hood'... Thank you!! I hope your daughter likes the sketch too :) People can be difficult to draw ~ the hardest part for me is getting the proportions right... out of the whole drawing, I worked most on the arm & hand, and I'm still not sure they look right! Isn't that crazy? Oh well ~ would love to see some of your daughter's art, if she'd let you share it :)

  3. Megan, The painting Flaming June is stunning! A poem in a painting.
    I'll ask Melissa if she would allow me to share anything. She is, as we all are/were:) very reluctant to share her work, but I know she would understand your frustrations on drawing realistically, the details.
    I'll see if I can find the painting she did of her little sister Victoria in the spring. If I do I'll post it in the side-bar.

  4. Janet ~ getting involved in 'Paint Party Friday' has really opened my eyes to different artists and their own distinct styles. Some are beginners and others professionals. It's interesting to see work-in-progress (WIP) and hear other artist's frustrations... as well as learn new techniques and get ideas. I truly wish I could've seen something like this in high school :) If she'd like to look around, here's the PPF website:

    Also ~ I've improved a lot from my high school work... it just takes time & practice! I'm still learning (aren't we all?) :) Have a great weekend!!

  5. Thank-you so much, Megan. I'll be sure to pass this on to Melissa. I've been trying to persuade her to start her own blog but she feels like she's busy enough right now. I'll be sure to pass on this site to her. I'm going to need to take a photo of the painting she did. I can't find the last one I took. Maybe later tonight I'll have time. Jim is gone this week-end and it will be much calmer then:)

    I hope its gorgeous and sunny where you are!


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