Friday, September 9, 2011


It is impossible to be selfish and love
At the same time…
We are either one or the other

He looked up from the flower he held, his little face
wrinkled in wonder, delight and innocence
not realizing that he was discovering God

Flowers just wake up and do their thing…
They never look back and ask, ‘am I doing enough?’

Sometimes the best mini-vacations
are taken on the back-door step
as we simply pause and listen

Janet Martin

...a few thoughts gleaned from moments in this day…


  1. Janet, first I'd like to say I love your pictures... all four of them here, but I have 2 favorites... sunflowers & feet :) Beautiful arrangement and colors in the sunflower picture! I love how it's not 'perfect'... would make a beautiful still-life painting (hmm... my next bit of inspiration?) The feet... oh, how I love you focusing on those little feet :)

    Children and flowers should be our daily inspiration ~ it's so easy to see God in them...

  2. I also find true beauty not in life's perfections but in it's imperfections. Those two are my favorite photos too. The little guy I babysit is SO cute, but I do not post more than hands or his feet for privacy reasons.

    I agree, flowers and little bare feet are daily inspirations!

    If you paint it I can't wait to see it!

  3. You have a way of filling simple moments with profound truth.

  4. Tim, Also, it happened on Friday I think because I simply needed to focus on what God was showing me in every day-life moments at hand, and stop focusing on the mountain of work I am never quite able to scale!!!Time-a gift we're given in every moment, yet for some reason it seems there is never enough...

  5. I'm reading a book, The Poetry Home Repair Manual, by Ted Kooser, the 13th Poet Laureate of the United states. He says anecdote poetry is the fastest growing poetry type in the world, with it now making up about 60% of all published poetry. Most of it is written in free verse too.

    Great write. How does it feel to be mainstream?


  6. Huh? Stream???? What stream? :))
    Thank-you, Mike.


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