Saturday, September 3, 2011


She stares at the empty canvas
Contemplating which colors to use
Her brush hovers impatiently; quiet
As she takes the time to choose
The shades that will accurately reflect
The mood of passion’s stirred
Her colors are consonants and vowels
Her painting…written word



  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this little poem. Wonderful confirmation that a writer is truly an artist...

  2. The artists will have to love this.

  3. Janet ~ LOVE this poem :) You know, this is so true... when take out an empty canvas there are SO MANY options... When I finally decide, my brush 'hovers impatiently' ~ sometimes I'll fill it with a color only to rinse it off if it just doesn't feel right... same is true with the words I write (...type). I'll try something out, and if it doesn't feel right it gets erased. Never saw the connection really, before now :) Thank you for opening my eyes, fellow artist!

    Also, my mother has beautiful handwriting, and I remember as a child watching her pen as she hovered over the paper ~ figuring out the prettiest way to write something, or finding the right words to say...

  4. Glynis, THANK-YOU!I appreciate this so much.In the past year I have begun to take notice of their similarities...the passion that first moves the heart, then the mind, THEN the hand:)

    Mike~ as an 'artist', you will know:)
    Don't you find many comparisons? That is why I love the quote from Plutarch...Painting is silent poetry...poetry is painting that speaks!

    Megan, I always appreciate your thoughts. As an artist who paints I am glad you 'got' it. I have a daughter who paints and when I watch her I realize....exactly like you said, sometimes she will start with a color or a few only to completely erase it and begin again until it 'feel's right...just like a writer:)
    When you mentioned your mom's writing I smiled. The artist appears on so many 'canvasses'. Isn't it a shame that beautiful hand-writing is a dying art?

  5. Janet ~ that's great your daughter is a budding artist :) Olivia is only 6, but I've seen signs she's gifted in art as well ~ so excited to see her talents unfold...

    On handwriting ~ I agree it's a shame... when you think about how little you really HAVE to write something out by hand, it's no wonder handwriting is a dying art.

    I also love the quote about poetry & painting :) So true... Have a great day!

  6. I write and I paint. You've elegantly captured the mysteries of both. I love this poem.

  7. Megan,
    I agree. It is such a pleasure to see our children's talent's begin to unfold...even if it might not be hand-writing:)

    You paint too??!! Talented guy. I'm glad you enjoyed this. Thank-you so much!


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