Wednesday, September 7, 2011

As Still as the Dew

I push you away
I don’t want to cry
But I can’t push the day
To the edge of the sky
Or cradle the seasons
Drifting into the blue
Nor quell all the reasons
For loving you

I can’t retain sorrow
Or trade in my grief
Nor leap to tomorrow
In search of relief
And I cannot sweep
To the dark sky above
The tears that I weep
For the one that I love

There is no sweeter
Sorrow than this
To love so completely
That longing is bliss
Who knew emotion
Could whisper and seer?
Who knew love’s ocean
Could be shed in a tear?

I push you from me
I don’t want to cry
But thought will not leave me
In whispered good-bye
Moments spread through me
As still as the dew
I can’t push you from me
Or stop loving you

Janet Martin~


  1. A wonderful love poem. Sad but strong. The simplicity of the rhyme scheme makes the declaration even sweeter.


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