Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Message to Duty

Today I will break all your rules, my dear,
So if you don’t mind, please sit over here
And relax just a little, put down your firm rod
Because after all, Duty, you are not God

It seems I spend too much time bowing to you
As I adhere to long lists of things I must do,
God planted fields brimming with wild Queen Anne’s lace
Yet you insist rigidly, 'I must clean up this place'

Through windows I'm polishing I see flowers and trees
You turn my head downward and say, 'back to work, please'
As you wield over me your tireless rod
I should like to remind you; you are not God

The grass sprawls its carpet beneath the blue sky
I want to lie on it just to hear the day sigh
As willow limbs whisper a soft serenade
And I defy Duty to sit in its shade

Duty is valid and wise, this is true
The devil loves hands that have nothing to do
But every so often for just a wee hour
Relax your command, please, for the sake of a flower

Janet Martin~

Summer is winding down and it is a busy time of year
But please, stop for a moment and look deep into a flower.
You may be astounded Who you see!


  1. Love your photo... pretty rose-covered teacup & rose moss :) I agree ~ to do lists shouldn't totally consume our days! The dishes and laundry will wait for us ;)

  2. It was one of those tug-of-war days...duty versus the great out-doors. So I tried to appease both. Housework will wait, but only so long;)

  3. Very Good. Duty shouldn.t be our God.Guess what I found at the thrift shop today? The Simple Abundance book.:) Oh,nice tea cup by the way....:)

  4. I'm so happy for you that you found the book! You will absolutely love it! Yes, it is the nicest tea-cup own given to me by the nicest of sisters, wink;)Why don't you comment to me from your profile? You are very welcome to but of course, I still know who you are:)

  5. You portray the 'what I should be doing' against 'what I'd like to be doing' with humour. Lovely images.

  6. earlybird, Thank-you for your visit. It occurred to me after I took the photo that it is likely a little wrong to put dark black coffee in such a lovely chalice.


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