Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Love's Earnest Plea

Abide with me a little while

Oh darling, do not go

The night is warm beneath your smile

And oh, I need you so

Moments come and then they pass

Like dust tossed to the breeze

Let’s spread our whispers on the grass

In prolonged agonies

The winsome hours do not come

With shadow or with tears

What we put in them is the sum

Of pleasure, pain and years

I care not to leave upon

Some cold grave stone, a rose

If you should leave before me, hon

I’ll hold love’s memories close

Abide with me an hour more

Too soon our memories

Will deck the lawn and garden floor

In dry and withered leaves

Death's carriage stands outside the gate

For either you or I

When it is time he will not wait

Good-bye then love, good-bye

Janet Martin


  1. love the title of your blog...also this poem is a strong one, your word choice is perfect, the reader really gets pulled in


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