Monday, September 5, 2011

Frankly, My Dear

Clark Gable’s infamous words flashed through my head
And I opened my mouth to say ‘frankly, my dear’,
But I couldn’t finish the words he said
As I turned away and wiped a tear
It simply wouldn’t and couldn't be true
Because, frankly my dear, I care about you

I care about the way the sunlight
Casts a shadow on your brow
I care about the lines that life
Has placed around your eyes somehow
I care about the way I see
The smiles fade from your lips
And how I feel beneath the hunger
Of your fingertips
I have not learned how to shield
Your longing from my eye
Or how to keep my thoughts of you
From reaching for your sigh
I care about how your voice trembles
With thoughts you cannot tell
I care about your little nothings
And hope they treat you well
I care about the miles between us
When you are not near
So all I can say in the still of the night
Is frankly, I love you, my dear



  1. Mike,
    Life has moments where this line begs to be yelled!!! The trouble with love is...I can't:)


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