Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I am afraid to peek at the clock
The silence amplifies each singular tock
There is a tug I’m not able to fight
It lures me with words, and I write

Partially mixed batter can wait for a bit
Half-peeled tomatoes don’t complain if I quit
T'is not simply food that can whet appetite
Words can taste just as good, so I write

Reading to me is a bittersweet bliss
And my dilemma with reading is this
Every good book I profusely highlight
And then need to pause my reading, to write

Words are not merely quaint forms on a page
Words stir and thrill our heart's hidden stage
Words are a writer’s most ardent delight
As we pick and choose and write, and write

Janet Martin

OKAY! I’m back to work now, I promise! Well,
until I feel the next ‘tug’ at least.
There is no way to stop words; we cannot stop them by closing our eyes
or plugging our ears or holding our noses!
They are just 'there’.
Taunting, teasing, oh so pleasing!


  1. Hi! Lovely blog. Thanks for stopping by mine earlier, too.

  2. Hi Tracy,
    Thank-you for stopping by and for your kind words.

  3. Oh my... I could see the smile starting at the corners when I read about the partially mixed batter and the half-peeled tomatoes. Can I relate. I'm always doing that, even though I say, today I'm going to stay focused! In fact, I was doing that all day yesterday, so I was VERY GLAD to see someone else walks a similar path and will understand and not shake their heads in despair.

    Oh and then I read when you talk about needing to pause between the pages of books... to write.

    I do love your poetry.


  4. Brenda,
    Isn't it great to be a little scattered and crazy if it means we get to write;)
    I'm glad to know I am not alone.
    Thank-you for relating,
    God bless you as you write...


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