Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beautiful Sorrow

Tis a beautiful sorrow to whisper good-by
With a tug at your heart and a tear in your eye
With a catch in your voice and an ache in your throat
As you slip into your shoes or button your coat

Tis surely no sorrow that is sweeter than this
Prolonging the hand-shake, the embrace or soft kiss
And tallying the hours, the days or years when
You trust, Lord willing, to meet each other again

To bear life’s sweetest sorrow, the throb in your chest
Is to know you have tasted of loves very best
How cold is the parting as servile farewells fall
From stiff, moving lips that feel nothing at all…

Janet Martin

This morning I drove Jim in to work at 5:00
so I could bring his truck home.
I realized, to feel that crazy sadness when you know it will be
a little while until he is home again, is a beautiful gift that only love can give!

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