Monday, September 5, 2011


Oft times it is in retrospect
I realize love’s gift,
I see the beauty of the day
Caught up as seasons shift
And easily I recognize
The glory of the Lord
Splayed out across the flaming skies
In songs without a word

I see in love’s endearing smile
Or in fingers entwined
Whispers of its pleasant mile
Intricately designed,
But I have learned a purer love
Unseen while teardrops flow
As He bestows love’s kindest proof
In one syllable, “no”

And while I flail and kick and scream
In blind determination,
Patiently His mercy streams
From Hands of all creation
As I resist His warm embrace
Still He does not let go
Though angry teardrops bathe my face
He simply repeats “no”

…and now in humble retrospect
Tears of a broken heart
Roll down my cheek as I look up
And cry ‘How great Thou art’,
Undeserving,oh I love
The One who loves me so
For He cared for me enough
To whisper softly “no”


As a parent sometimes this is the most challenging
word to love

As a Child I have lived long enough to see its beauty.


  1. Why is this poem so descriptive of my own spiritual life?

  2. Tim,
    It seems to be a love we need to be reminded of over and over again, huh?

    Thank-you for your words.

  3. As lovely as your poems are, sometimes it is your after-poem comments that take my breath.

  4. Mike, again I thank you for your deeply-appreciated words.


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