Monday, September 5, 2011

September's Brush

The raindrops splay their silver notes
Against the darkened pane
And on the night air softly floats
The scent of dusty lane
The cheek of child and apple-limb
Have donned a rosy blush
And far too soon the daylight dims
Beneath September’s brush

The tumbled pasture wakes at dawn
Beneath a frosty dew
Where August's blazing hours shone
For a brief dance or two
But now the walnut leaf is gold
As gnarled fingers crush
The moments slipping from my hold
Borne on September’s brush

The garden boasts its grand hurrah
In gold and orange and red
The grapes are heavy on the wall
As Summer bows its head
And we unto our Maker bow
Who guides the seasons thus
As August to September flows
Beneath time's eager brush

The lengthened evening sighs upon
The shadows long and gray
As twilight in a great blue yawn
Snuffs out another day
I lay upon the shoulder of
A fading summer’s hush
The shades are turning colder, love
Upon September’s brush

Janet Martin~

I’m caught in its bitter-sweetness tonight…
…of time and life.


  1. Hi Janet,
    I do love these monthly tributes with their sense of time passing, and all the changes.

    I especially like these lines:

    "The cheek of child and apple-limb
    Have donned a rosy blush"


    "But now the walnut leave is gold
    As gnarled fingers crush
    The moments slipping from my hold
    Borne on September's brush"

    A year's worth would make a lovely calendar! They remind me a bit of the poems of K. Pyle (I think she's long gone) in a lovely book I have called Sarah Ban Breathnach's Mrs. Sharpe's Traditions. There is a poem for every month, but those are more in the voice of a child.

  2. I love your idea of a calendar! My challenging months would January and Feb. I think I might have a poem or more for the other months:)

    I own a few of Sarah Ban Breathnach's books and so enjoy them. It is ironic that you mention her, as I was just showing a few friends her books last night! I am not familiar with K. Pyle's poetry but I will look it up. I am a huge Edgar A. Guest fan. He is the reason I am so drawn to rhyme about seasons, life,family and love poetry.

    I really appreciate your comments as I have very great admiration for your talent!

  3. This is why I must come back to Another Porch, Janet. Tis a rare, rare talent you have.

    I once asked you to stretch, but this is your everyday breath; reaching more lovely, more stunning heights than most poets dare to dream.

  4. Mike,
    I don't know what to say...but thank-you.

  5. Also to Mike,
    Your editing tips were invaluable and improved it immensely!
    Thank-you for your kind insight!

  6. Janet ~ I love this one! Your words paint such lovely images...

    In the beginning I see myself looking out a window, lit by a candle on the sill. Then I imagine walking outside, down a lane lined with ripening apple trees, hand-in-hand with my rosy-cheeked children, as the sun sets...

    How I could go on... so amazing Janet!

  7. Thank-you Megan, I think after reading your comment I feel another poem coming on!


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