Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Object of my Desire

I hear you moaning upon the dark limb

Your troubadour passion is passive and dim

Once I, delighted in your boldest vaunt

Eagerly longed for your audacious taunt

But your flagrant charm is vanishing thus

And I cannot claim one moment of us

You sprawled before me with flirtatious eye

Sure-footed, willing and ready was I

Laughing, we threw caution into the night

Imbibed with sweet nectar of summer delight

I knew you would leave; I hoped you would stay

Why do I grieve as you’re slipping away?

This morning your teardrop caressed my cheek

No words were exchanged; there is naught to speak

For Time is unable to restore to me

One moment of us or what used to be

My heart has no seasons; what can I do?

I’ve run out of reasons to stop loving you

I study the object of my desire

Is it you that I love, or simply your fire?

Is it your parting or Time that I grieve?

If you stayed too long would I ask you to leave?

I reach out to touch you; but all I can hear

Is Time’s adulate ticking as you disappear


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