Monday, September 19, 2011

Fearless Passion

Only God sees the true colors of our soul
Others may perceive through our words what they will
Should we dare to expose hints of our uttermost parts
Still, only God knows the hidden depths of our hearts

Only God knows the truth behind words we may pen
Words shaped by thought and life’s experience
Release to the wind bits of poetry
Revelation of living's sweet mystery

Only God understands completely
Let's close our eyes then, and bleed fearlessly
Spilling forth passion held deep in our souls
Man sees but half; only God knows the whole

Janet Martin


  1. Maybe all i did actually want to do was simply to compliment you (for all that you are and are standing up for every minute of your worthy life:) through your poems

  2. Grace, sometimes I am speechlessly astounded at the way God sends the affirmation needed, that I ought to continue to pick up the pen. Just this morning I was struggling with the inner voice saying 'quit'.



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