Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Time's Timeless Touch

It's really cold today...the kind of day when one could feel housebound but there are lots of little life-love-notes to enjoy...

 Hot-chocolate-hot granola toasts...
peek-a-boo, I love you...
Lots letters
Christmas clutter pretties;-)

I love the way time fills its tray
With graces that beguile
And bends the common wend of day
And faces into smile

I love the art of human heart
It spills its sympathies
And blurs the mundane curves of life
Into a masterpiece

I love the noise of girls and boys
Oh, do not hush their play
Too soon its men and women tune
The harps time gave away

I love the sound of seasons wound
Through echoes of so-long
It takes the memories we make
And turns them into song

I love the sigh of soulful ‘why’
Though it vexes thought’s stare
It teaches us to fold our reach
And turn it into prayer

© Janet Martin


  1. I couldn't help noticing the improvised indoor sled for the little ones. I used to push my grandchildren around in a laundry basket until one of us became exhausted :) Good times. Savored memories.

    1. The best! Have I told I'm going to be a Grandma sometime soon? Jan. 3rd is the due date.


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