Sunday, December 11, 2016

Fit For Him

We are all broken, who can boast
Save in redemption’s Uttermost
His mercies number more than stars
And fills with worth, earth’s broken jars

Beggar and brawler all are we
Save by His grace: He sets us free
Ah, here the crux of honor brims
Healed into vessels fit for Him

In us becomes hope’s genesis
And only through His all in all
Can we be fitted for love’s call

The more we try to merit it
The more by far we are unfit
Oh, praise the name of Jesus, sing,
His grace fits brokenness for Him

© Janet Martin

Sometimes the Tempter tries to get us to believe we are far too unfit to dare to think that we are worthy of God’s attention! But we had it before we were born! And we are worthy not because of what we do for him but because of what HE did for us!
If we believe, we are brimming with fitness for Him! 
Isn’t that something to cheer us on?!
The finish line for this race is Heaven!

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