Sunday, December 25, 2016


...from an old Ideals magazine

No matter our age
Whether girl or boy
Pray we never out-grow
Simple Christmas joy! 

Janet Martin

Because our internet didn't work well this past week 
I simply couldn't share all my pre-Christmas Day pleasure
so I might be adding a few tidbits if time and internet allows
...oops, I hear rustling upstairs so that's it for this morning!

Enjoy your soon-to-be-memories!
and we will see you tomorrow, Lord willing! 



  1. Wishing you a very merry Christmas day!

  2. I hope your Christmas was good... You're right about that poem..really enjoyed it too.

    1. Thank-you Lester, and same too you! Our Christmas was/is beautiful.
      Isn't that poem darling?! It made me love our tippy old tree. It'll give my family something to write about years from now;-)

      I am still dealing with on/off internet so if comments are slow in showing up or being replied to this is why!

    2. Ha ha I guess I was on with our other gmail account :)) That will be the day that Les is reading poetry..:))Nothing like those Christmas day memories.

    3. thank-you for solving the mystery-Lester...I know quite a few Lesters but none of them seem like they would EVER read poetry!:)


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