Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mercy's Magnum Opus- God's Hope For Us

Ontario hydro bills to rise 42% in 5 years

It would be easy to peer anxiously into the doom-and-gloom fore-casted future...
(I was just listening to some feeble suggestions on how Ontario-ans can save on ever sky-rocketing electricity costs! We have conserved!!! well in fact, that 'They...the Hydro-One-lords' promise to increase electricity costs for the next five years )
So, I turn back the furnace, put on a sweater, keep an eye on the clock to plan my day around peak-energy rates, and look at the birds of the air...)

Despair will blind us to God’s kindness and hope’s fellowship
Life, at best unpredictable, offers no guarantees
Save this, a faithful hand to hold where else our feet would slip
Into the bog of fear and foggy what-ifs and maybes

Unbelief chooses action through the eyes of ignorance
The cost of ignorance breaks more than budget-balanced deeds
The earth groans in the aftermath of greed’s indifference
Where man has long-forsaken Thou Shalt Not for lesser creeds

Despair gapes like a hollow waiting to swallow its prey
And oh, it could and would save for One greater than our fear
Mercy’s Magnum Opus purchased redemption for always
And if we call on Him He never turns a deafened ear

Ah, here the crux of hope is grounded; faith’s foundation sure
In spite of amassed unbelief His promises prevail
For they who cling to He whose law of love will never fail

© Janet Martin

Scholars far and wide at last have their long-awaited for...SNOW-DAY!!!


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