Monday, December 12, 2016

On Middle-age Memory...

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Middle-age memory is quite uncanny, oh,
It thinks it remembers, then, poof, it lets go
Lost half-words left dangling on the tip of the tongue
And stirring up envy for minds keen and young

Middle-age memory makes us recognize
Things we once took much too for granted to prize
Now names forsake faces, a game of who’s who
While we grasp at traces of what once we knew

Middle-age memory startles our speech
We launch into detail that fizzles mid-reach
And startled we fumble with ‘I know I know this,
But right now I can’t quite recall what/who it is’

Tomorrow when the fact is quite past useful clout
Suddenly, into the clear blue sky I will shout
‘By George, I remember, her name is Georgette
Thank God, I have not lost my memory yet'

© Janet Martin

a few humor-images from google...I can't remember where/how I found them!
I googled 'cartoons about middle-age memory:)'

Image result for middle-age memory cartoons
 Image result for middle-age memory cartoons


  1. Well, well...I think I know where, or who, the inspiration for this one came from :)

    (In my defense I've got to say that my almost sixteen year old daughter recognizes the hymn when I hum it, but cannot remember the words, either! We never knew it by heart, but I was hoping a couple of lines would come back to me. It'll have to wait till Sunday -- I'll look for it in the church book.)

    1. laughing out loud:0 I believe you!

      I wish, I really wish this poem wouldn't have been so easy to write...from experience.

    2. from other previous conversations I know your memory is amazing...mine on the other I know is on the bad side of 'bad'. Sometimes it concerns me a little...

    3. My memory has put me in embarrassing situations more than once, believe me. Usually it's either me trying to remember a particular word (in vain), or--that's much worse--the name of a person I'm talking to. :)

    4. oh yes! me too! that 'I-know-we've-met-before-but-I-can't-remember-where!!


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