Monday, December 19, 2016

Part of Miracles in the Making

 And whatever you do, 
whether in word or deed, 
do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, 
giving thanks to God the Father through him.

When we, though it may seem so small
Give God our best, whate’er it be
Then He will use for miracles
Love’s offspring of humility

We cannot see the fullness of
 Action and word to fellowman
There is no small kindness in love
Or the potential of its span

Thus we, because we will not know
The full extent of Aftermath
Should prize the grace whereby we go
And travel well its ordained path

For every one of us is part
Of something bigger than we see
It is the measure of the heart
That fathers what response will be

Then we, though we may seem so small
And our offerings, pitiful
Will be, if we surrender all
Part of love’s mighty miracle

© Janet Martin

One of Rob and Emily’s best friends just had their first child, a little girl Evalyn, born with Down’s Syndrome and other health challenges but God, through many little prayers is doing astonishing things…here are words from Evalyn’s parents …will you pray too?

 "Evalyn is a champ, she is blowing us away with the leaps and bounds she is taking! I am so overwhelmed with the power of prayer and how God is completely answering the countless prayers so many are praying. I fully believe and trust that God is always good and would be answering prayers in His sovereign way even if things were not going well, but I REJOICE in seeing Him choose to answer these prayers the way we are hoping! This morning she was taken off her oxygen tube for a 24 hour trial, so far she's doing GREAT and doesn't need it! Even as I write this I'm so overwhelmed by this, considering we were prepared for her to have some major issues with oxygen levels and her under-developed lung. Jesus totally healed her lung enough so we could hold her when she was born and is continuing to heal her SO much faster than anyone could have imagined! I know this is a direct answer to so many of your prayers, THANK YOU!!
Tomorrow is a big day, we're meeting with several specialists to do a variety of assessments and hopefully get a better game plan for the next several weeks. The main thing we are hoping to determine is the condition of her heart and if she will require any interventions to repair any defects. The next main focus is feeding. She's fed solely through a feeding tube but is beginning to practice latching and sucking in hopes to eventually breastfeed. There's been some minor issues with reflux so the team is working to get her first able to take a regular full feed without throwing up. We'll get more information about this process and the plan moving forward tomorrow.
I can't fully express how much everyone's support and encouragement has meant, it's so incredible! Little Evalyn is so loved, her life is already such a blessing!"

p.s. Much slower internet and much increased daycare has contributed to decreased poetry and blog-posts...
Everything is but a season:)...except love!

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