Monday, December 12, 2016

It's Winter...

It's a world full of long-faced scholars this morning.
All week-end the forecasts encouraged dreams of a snow-day today,
but no such joy-to-the-boy-and-girl here...
roads are cleared and buses are running!

It’s marshmallow hats for each fence-post and plume
It's white-cupcake rooftops and white-petal blooms
Soft-falling as heaven shakes out mops and brooms
It’s winter

It’s hugs from a cozy-me-up cup o’ love
In mugs of hot chocolate; its diamond-decked groves
Its coat-bundled cherubs, it’s boots, hats and gloves
It’s winter

It’s joy to the world in swirled fern-feather wings
It’s snow-angel heaven on earth; childhood sings
It’s cheeks kissed with rosy apple-colored grins
It’s winter

It’s shovel and shiver and cuddle-up ‘oh’
Its log-on-the-fireplace and let the wind blow
It’s rock-a-bye rivers in cradles of snow
It’s winter

It's juncos and chickadees, cardinals, jays
It's 'God, keep the driver from ditch-shaped byways' 
It hearty soup-suppers and oven-baked praise
It's winter

Its cold-swaddled houses and warm welcome-home
It’s bone-chilling wonderlands spilling to poem
It’s sleds full of laughter, “look out, here we come!”
It’s winter

© Janet Martin

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