Sunday, December 25, 2016

...And This Is Why We Celebrate

How futile all this would be...

 ...without this!

After the wrapping falls away
And today becomes yesterday
The gifts-glitz-merriment would prove
So good-for-nothing without love

How futile this festivity
How vain celebration would be
How empty everything we know
But for Love’s kindness long ago

God filled a manger bed with it
And painted a cross red with it
Where no one recognized it then
God’s gift of love to His children

Ah, hallelujah, God is great
He is the love we celebrate
He is hope’s living proof; behold
The love that never will grow old

Though ages come and go, still He
Abides; Faithful supremacy
So, let us haste to Bethlehem
To see this Child and worship Him

…after the wrapping falls away
And today becomes yesterday
Rejoice; God gave His Son to prove
The greatest gift of all is Love

…and this is why we celebrate
Not for plum pudding, presents, cake
But because of God’s Love to us
In that first Christmas gift; Jesus

© Janet Martin

...because we are never too old or too young to be reminded
I am gifting this poem in print copy to each of my children
and in cyber copy to all of you!
God bless.

Wishing to all of you a day of joy and wonder
Not because of crumpled paper plunder

But because of Love 

Merry Christmas

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