Thursday, December 1, 2016

Faded Nothingness

"Merry Christmas! Happy December!" was Victoria's good-morning greeting today. 
I pass it on to you as November, like all its predecessors, fades to nothingness...
The last month of 2016.
Has ever a year been quite this quick?! 

We turn the page; as age on age fades into nothingness
Felled autumn’s apple-dappled stage waits for winter’s white dress
The jars that held sweet flower-stars has drained its filigree
As dreamers grapple with seasons, reason, reality

…and while we work and play and pray and hope for things to come
Another year of gold and gray collects its graven sum
This place we stand of shifting sand and gifted bric-a-brac
Transfixes us twixt looking forward, love, and looking back

The making of love’s tug-of-heartstrings takes us by surprise
Its ache of Nevermore competes with our daydreamer-sighs
Where wars life’s lords of hunger with the roar of fallen seed
Mouths and souls in constant demand of basal creature need

We turn the page; the wink and blink of years startles anew
Those age-old warnings once we argued we find out are true
Where love’s finesse of holding-letting-go is the caress
Of stories etched on pages made of faded nothingness

© Janet Martin

Not 'nothing' hopefully, in our hearts 
but still, nothing we can keep in our hands

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