Friday, December 23, 2016

Fair Lady Dawn

 Since I have youngsters arriving early on most mornings I don't always get all the poems out of my system so here's a morning poem to sparkle your afternoon:)
She really was something of a wonder this morning...that fair lady, Dawn


She trips along a boulevard
Untouched by human race
Then lays her halo on each yard
God’s signature of grace

From far-off clime time’s blush bells peal
Curtailing seas of night
Refurbishing earth's color-wheel
Sir Dusk snuffed from our sight

…then, where the air was deep and black
She brushes it away
And smooths its darksome curtain back
To woo us with Today

Time's newest love beams, bright and pure
Unsullied, as of yet
By we of resolution's lure
...and masters of regret

Soft, silently she disappears
As deftly as she came
The Matriarch of yester-years
Fair Lady Dawn, her name

© Janet Martin

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