Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Of Realities...

Mankind lives in a world
Of harsh reality
And so much that
We cannot change
Or satisfy
Or see

Fear is a thief of peace
Faith is a guiding light
Where we are often
Torn between
Fear’s darkness
And faith’s light

The high and low of life
Allots its groaning shares
But never without
Hope and grace
Of God who knows
And cares

The prizes that we prize
Will never be enough
If we try to
Press it into
The part reserved
For love

The heart can never hold
The clutter of cold toys
But it can overflow
With more
Than enough
Of love’s joys

© Janet Martin

As soon as we try to replace love with things we lose out.
We were made to need each other.
Let’s remember this in this ‘season of love’
And try not to be overtaken with’ Stuff’

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