Thursday, December 29, 2016

Think The Best (Then Leave The Rest)

‘Think the best then leave the rest’
Humanness is prone to assume
But we should try kindness instead
And remember the Golden Rule

‘Think the best and leave the rest’
Life’s stumble-slip-and-slide affair
Needs shoulders to lean on, my friend,
Not finger-pointing, pious stare

Thus, lest by slander's stab we scar
The tender student of life’s test
We should remember who we are
And, 'think the best then leave the rest’

© Janet Martin

We were, on more than one occasion, gently chided by Grandmother
if we jumped to obvious, but unproven and unkind conclusions!
'think the best, then just leave the rest because we don't know the whole story'
she would remind us.
I value her influence still when I am prone to assume…

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