Friday, December 30, 2016


They sweep up from the depths of earth to touch the girth of heaven’s scrim
They leap tree-clad to strum the deep of endless blue with black-leaf limb
They lure us from the common-place to grace our thought and gaze with awe
They teach us about hope and faith and train us to reach toward God

Hills wear blue frills of chicory and trim the ridge with balsam prose
They depict love and life’s breathtaking sun-and-shadow highs and lows
They cradle in their crook and curve, wonders of quiet majesty
And as we climb, we witness worlds unfurled in panoramic spree

I love hills; they wear seasons well and who can tell what sights they veil
They rise to meet the skies where eyes their distant summits scale
But we will never see, unless we try, how worth the climb it is
And if we choose to stay put in the lowland, oh, how much we miss

© Janet Martin

I had a craving to climb a hill this morning.
Since we live on top of a hill

 I had to climb down to get to the up;-))
It's sort of hard to tell, when sky and earth are exactly the same shade, where the hill starts and stops!

Came across this chuckle in a book I was browsing through...

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