Wednesday, December 28, 2016


 Take time to turn moments into treasures

This day-to-day we live might make us feel like dots on earth
The smallness of moments somehow seeming of little worth
But, in the face of death, we meet the breadth of sacred sums
Then we begin to recognize what day-to-day becomes

…how who we are is more than given name, but what we say
And how we choose to use living’s deluge of day-to-day
For when these moments tally up it takes us by surprise
To realize, as we look back how quick they make a life

Then seize this day-to-day and live to please its Giver, oh,
For when time drains its final drop, not one of us can know
But here we are and what we do with it will come to be
When day-to-day is brushed away, a life-cast memory

Oh, pray each day-to-day we leave in living’s wake is kind
Time's measure turned to treasure for loved ones still left behind
And pray we do not squander without second thought or glance
The one thing we can celebrate while we still have the chance

© Janet Martin

Three years ago at Christmas our friends bid farewell to their dear mother.
This year their dad joined her to spend their first Christmas together in Heaven...
He is fondly remembered by many family and friends.
At his visitation this afternoon their were many mementos on display, of a life well loved and lived!
What will they remember of you and I after we are gone?

 Rest in peace, Lloyd and Minerva

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