Sunday, December 18, 2016


 I was going to add a few more pics but our internet, after being down for a day is still extremely slow,
so maybe later if it starts to work better...

The rush of river-song is dulled
Land's remnant green is gone
The color-world of autumn culled
And earth with heavens one

The limb that languished, barren-brown
Is swaddled in soft snow
The thicket thick with winter’s down
As all the earth below

The rough wind rolls across the heath
And tolls a muffled bell
Fallow farmland snug-sound beneath
Starred sheath that stilly fell

The pendulum of light to dark
Seems to hasten its ply
Where hand of Season’s Matriarch
 Strums nature’s lullaby

..and tucks its ruckus out of sight
Where ghost-like footsteps fade
Into a world of white on white
That winter’s Artist made

© Janet Martin

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