Monday, December 26, 2016

Soft Morn

 Happy Day-after-Christmas! 
Hope it was/is a truly joyous one.

The soft morn is affixed to
The place that all moments run through
To join at eventide, time stayed
Brimming with choices we have made

The soft morn opens up a door
To graces unwitnessed before
Though often we have soiled its splay
Mercy replies with a new day

The soft morn wakens worlds with light
Hope buoys mankind’s broken sight
Where we would fall prey to despair
Without morn's way from here to there

The soft morn slips through stars to let
Time open jars not tasted yet
Mercy cascades, gold-gray-blush-blue
A gift we are beholden to

Come, then for this is a new day
The old is folded, done away
As to time’s common curves God grants
A morning soft with second chance

© Janet Martin

I couldn't post this morning-poem this morning because of no internet but the company responded promptly after I called...even on Boxing Day!

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