Friday, December 30, 2016

Thursday Thoughts, Friday Jots...

As long as life remains
So too does grace of God
And opportunity to change
Those things we know we should

The ups and downs of love and life
Beneath our second glance
Turns into thought’s landscape shaped by
Response to circumstance

The way we are, for better-worse
Is never so complete
That we do not have reason to
Improve somehow, my sweet

If we do not know how to pray
Or wish we better could
We need to take the time to pray
As often as we should 

No matter how much
Life’s future lessens
It never runs out of
Trusting lessons

Priority, priority,
Beneath your voice I move
And often prove unconsciously
The God or gods I love


Look back at your mistakes
To learn from them, and then
Wiser and humbler move on and
Do not look back again


We cannot blame our feet alone
For the wrong way we went
The mind lays out the stepping-stone
That moves the foot’s intent


The mind will never muster what it takes to master it
The heart, desperately wicked and deceitful steers the Whole
…and we would all be shipwrecked on a rocky shore or reef
Save for the heart that repents and asks God to take control


The words we write or say are little more than tripe or noise
Unless deed jibes with that which the mouth easily employs

Together we can weather more than we thought possible
But first we must make sure that we agree which way to pull

Do not despair;
For we have prayer
A life-line up to God
Then pray that we
Pray faithfully
With more than just a nod

The old year
Like a feather loosed
Wafts out of our reach
Too late to learn
The lessons that
It intended to teach

The New Year
Like a singing bird
Perches on Mercy’s limb
The lessons we
Failed to full-learn
Are hidden in its wing

© Janet Martin


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