Thursday, December 8, 2016

Preparing For Christmas...(a tweaked re-post)

 I hope we are all affirming (once more) to make this Christmas Season a celebration of The Reason

"More birthday?" pleaded little just-turned two year old as she held out her hand, hoping for the mixer-beater slathered with Christmas yum!
(she remembered the pink-frosting beaters from her birthday cupcakes:)

 Licking the beater never loses its old-time delight!

Poinsettia for the table
China nativity
Pretty little angel
To grace the Christmas tree
Lights and lovely candles
Cast a gentle glow
Spilling golden circles
Like halos on the snow

Cookies, cakes and puddings
In volumes quite obscene
Large and tiny presents
Wrapped in bright red and green
Songs extol the season
And malls the latest rave
Excuses become reason
As dollars become brave

Stress finds brand new victims
And cheer loses its mirth
All in the preparation
For 'peace, goodwill on earth'
Shopping lists are extended
Beyond the budget’s creed
Holly, jolly merchants
Disguising greed as need

Christmas Eve descending
We brave the cold perhaps
To find within a chapel
A pew, where we collapse
My house sure looks amazing
The food, a work of art
Wouldn’t it be something
If this had been my heart?

Janet Martin


  1. I remember the first time I read this poem, you posted it on Poetic Bloomings -- was it five years ago? Goodness, feels like yesterday.

    Yes, it's that season again. Stay calm and Christmas on :)

    1. Wow, you have a good memory! yes, that is where I posted it. It is published in the anthology. I just needed a refocus and reminder to enjoy one day at a time and not to glance anxiously at the calendar, or turn Christmas into that which it was never intended to be!


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