Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Only By The Grace Of God

The weight of want and woe can forego hope and trust, oh my
The rush and push of love and life can drain the dream-well dry
Time’s have and hold of growing old unravels gold and gray
While we depend on God to defend us with grace Today

The colors of the season spill at will; we pause and gape
With wonder at the way a year falls prey to past’s landscape
Where the best we can hope for in the rise and set of sun
Is grace of God to grant us what we need to carry on

The world groans in the throes of unabated consequence
The sky like heaven’s rose unfolds mercy and imminence
And it is not too late to try once more to do the right
Where only grace of God can fully fit us for the fight

The clock’s tock-talk of moments melds those moments into years
Its walk of life rife with detours and setbacks, strife and fears
The juxtapose of past and future hinges to Now’s gates   
Where only by the grace of God the rod of justice waits

© Janet Martin

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