Thursday, December 22, 2016

Of Silk and Steel

That's the way life is...a holy blend of silk and steel

The artist and the poet understand
The kinship twixt the lover and the land
The fire of the pen or brush to page
Where wars of Want and Must their battles wage

Ah, tug-of-heart, the art of season-sweep
Startles the pioneer of toil and sleep
Today is never second-hand; its skies
Brimming with the imminence of good-byes

The oracle of eventide is swift
To smooth to naught the remnant of dawn’s gift
Midnight is large; the whole world disappears
A barge that sails through stars or is it tears?

Darling, we are all strangers to today
And no one knows what waits to fill dusk's tray
The color-wheel of silk and steel soft-spills
In droplets snared by canvases and quills

© Janet Martin


  1. thank-you...managed to post it while the internet was on an 'on''s really intermittent right now! on one minute and off the next!


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