Friday, December 23, 2016

Like Sonnets Dripping From the Sky

Sometimes upon the bluesy blur
Of day bending with twilight’s sigh
It seems I hear a sort of whisper
Dripping from the deep'ning sky

Window-scapes fade to nothingness
And so time’s new day disappears
Into Bygone's big emptiness
Of Now spun into after-years

And I am torn; love-worn, the art
Of hunger and fulfillment vie
To touch the part that stirs the heart
With sonnets slipping from the sky

© Janet Martin


  1. Your words touch my soul. Love the line "Of day bending with twilight’s sigh"

    Janet, I'm wishing you a very Happy Christmas. May the sweet Spirit of Christmas fill every corner of your home with Joy.


    1. Thank-you SO much, Brenda.
      I wish the same for you!
      (Sorry for my absence but between baby-sitting and the internet not working it's been challenging to keep up!)


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