Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Flood of Memories

 Our once-neighbours, now still friends from Nova Scotia visited  yesterday...
We enjoyed dinner and a flood of memories
"You're going to be an engineer someday" I remember telling the oldest 'tyke' as he didn't just play with a truck but flipped it over to try to figure out what made it go and how!
Last night we talked about university(yes! he is going for engineering:) and jobs they have, etc 
...and just like that the evening is a drop in the seasoned sweep of years

It does not swell in rivers rushing tangible and wild
But pours through doors and windows of the mind with seamless ease
To overwhelm thought’s present realm with echo-sweetened smiles
And dear unbidden tears stirred by a flood of memories

Those hours once we passed through with scarcely a second glance
Return, like masterpieces feather-brushed to galleries
Where no one else can see or smell the flowers of a dance
Fashioned, then framed forever in a flood of memories

Time’s common cares we bluster through and muster, through meek prayer
The faith to adapt plans and dreams to new realities
Will soon be kept in pictures swept to showcases of air
Where thought is overtaken by a flood of memories

How precious and tenacious is this tide of hear-and-now
Where dawn-to-dusk is like a canvas cradling ether seas
And we are all student-artists brushing the ebb and flow
Of love-and-lifeblood lessons to a flood of memories

© Janet Martin

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