Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wild Wind Song


When the night falls down
In a dark velvet gown
Crowning earth’s borders
East, west, north and south
I hear the croon
Of a lost afternoon
I taste the salt
Of its tear in my mouth

When the wind moans blue
On midnight’s avenue
Phantom scavenger
Fearless and bold
I hear the lay
Of a sweet summer day
Warm in my memory
Yet to my touch, cold

When the wee house shutters
‘neath dark threats it utters
And love-stitched blankets
Cannot snuff its bluff
I hear the wail
Of a life growing pale
Heavy with things
Which are never enough

When dark night is deep
And the earth is asleep
Save for stark tree-tops
Tormented and tossed
I hear a moan
Echo sad and alone
A wayfarer searching
For years she has lost

© Janet~

Tonight the house shivers and shakes
as the harsh winter wind
howls and rakes 
its talons of steel across the dark
chill and wroth
shrouding the earth in a silver-white cloth...


  1. Wow... Another grand poem! You paint with words.

  2. A masterpiece of lovely words and stunning internal rhymes.


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