Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Imminent Intangible

Time disappears, it steals the years
How subtly it slips
In hopes and fears, in smiles and tears
From heaven’s finger-tips

This tenure of infinite love
Is fraught with bittersweet
We cannot know within its flow
The tempests we will meet

The mystic deeps from whence time seeps
Conceals its ethereal spring
Yet grace and love its hope approve
In moment-offering

And this one truth, for old or youth
Remains for you and I
There is none too old or young
To learn or love or die

© Janet Martin

Recently we have been grimly yet graciously reminded of how delicate the thread of moments is...
I'm reflecting on the haste of the years that pass, and agree with many, that it is good we cannot see what lies ahead. By the grace of God go we.


  1. I like the closing lines and its dying tempo where it turns on " learn or love".

    From the pic it looks a bit like you live in a land of two suns "from whence time seeps". And indeed you do for even on rainy days you see the Son. :)

  2. Thank-you Tug. Yes 2 Son/suns indeed!Praise God!


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